Monte and Doa Move on to (Hopefully) Greener Pastures


On January 11, 2017, MonteCristo and Doa released a video giving us details on their leave from the LCK. The two have casted League of Legends for around 4 years, and have entertained and inspired many with their individual talent and their unique chemistry. While many events have led to this, I’m going to skip all the drama and go straight to my thoughts and feelings on their leave.

Monte and Doa have always been one of my favorite casting duos. Monte always offers very valuable analysis and insights, and he is able to deliver them concisely and clearly, adding in some humor every now and then.  Having been a caster for LCK since the beginning, his knowledge on the Korean teams is also very broad. Along with Jatt, the two are my favorite color casters and I always learn a lot from them, especially when it comes to improving my own casting. Doa, on the other hand, has a unique sense of humor and his own style of play-by-play casting (where his voice sometimes cracks during intense moments). Put the two together, and you have a very unique dynamic that can’t be replicated. I could listen to their banter for hours, keeping me interested even during the most dull moments of a game, while breaking down and hyping some of the very best moments ever in League of Legends history.

When Worlds 2016 came around, I was very saddened to hear that they would not be there to cast the event. This was especially true when a possible semi-finals between ROX Tigers and SKT were at hand. True enough, we did get that semi-final, which was probably the best Best-of-Five I have ever witnessed. Sadly, Doa and Monte were not there to cast it, especially with their knowledge on the two teams and the Korean scene in general. To know now that the LCK will go on without them is unthinkable. Watching the LCK and any League tournament will never be the same without them.

As a caster, I also have a lot to thank them for, having stood up for the profession when Riot was not offering them industry standard rates. They spoke out about this publicly and revealed many issues despite what consequences there might have been. Here in the Philippines, it’s much worse, so it helps to have role models, and many casters now and in the future will benefit from what they did.


While I am sad to see them say goodbye to the LCK, I am also very excited to see them move to Overwatch. While the success of Overwatch as an esport is not assured, Blizzard looks to be giving it their all, and it’s only the beginning after all. I love the game and have been playing it a lot since its release, and I can’t wait to see the duo cast it. The pace of the game is completely different from League, much faster, and I’m looking forward to see them grow, breaking down and hyping up games as they always have. There will be many new jokes to make, new memes to generate, and new strategies to unravel.

Thank you, Monte and Doa, for so many years of entertainment and inspiration, especially to aspiring casters like myself. May you continue to do what you do best for many more years. Cheers!




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