New Year, New Gear: Lenovo Enters Gaming and Esports!


On the day of Chinese new year, I went out to celebrate with Lenovo as they launched new gaming sub-brand in the Philippines, LEGION! There were games for the LoL Collegiate League, fun community matches, and some awesome new gaming desktops, laptops, and peripherals!

Legion consists of every gaming device that Lenovo has built and will build in the future. Legion will also be the name of the gaming community of Lenovo.


The setup and production was a pleasant surprise! You could tell that Lenovo was going all in with the launch of their gaming gear and support for esports. Those participating in matches were pampered with high-end gear, gaming chairs, and there were TVs situated on top of the player so the audience could see their individual play. During my game, it felt like I was an actual esports pro player (minus the talent LOL).




During the All-Star match between casters and collegiate players, I got to test out some of their new gaming gear! Namely, the:

  • IDEACENTRE Y710 CUBE & Y Gaming Stereo HeadsetP_20170128_160824.jpg
  • Lenovo Y27f Curved Gaming MonitorP_20170128_160810.jpg
  • Lenovo Gaming Precision MouseP_20170128_160750.jpg


Team Casters!

Being able to play League of Legends on Lenovo’s new gaming gear was a great experience. The Ideacentre Y710 Cube was obviously top notch, having an i7 processor, a GTX1070 and 16GB of RAM, plus the fact that it can be hand-carried for easy mobility – great for gamers on the go. I especially liked the Y Gaming Stereo headset and the  Y27f Curved Gaming Monitor. The headset was very comfortable, which is great for long hours of playing. The microphone was also audible despite the event background noise, and my teammates and I were able to communicate clearly. It was also my first time to experience playing on a curved 144hz monitor. After fixing the settings, the experience was completely smooth and flawless. Shifting from a standard 60hz monitor to a 144hz curved monitor was a huge jump, and the movements of champions across the environment looked so much smoother. This made it a pleasure to play League of Legends, especially with friends and competitive collegiate players. I can imagine this is especially important in esports, where pro players need the smoothest and most reliable gaming experience to help them achieve their full potential.

The Duo: Amplifire & Asurai!

Speaking of esports, Lenovo has also announced through this event that they will be partnering with the LoL Collegiate League over this year’s Spring Term! A couple of games were played by the likes of AMA Hydra esports and UPD Oblation esports, and it was such a great feeling to be able to cast exciting LoL games again. Support for the local scene is always heavily appreciated by esports enthusiasts like myself, so I’m really glad Lenovo made this move. I’m looking forward to what else Lenovo will bring to local esports!

Overall, the event was a blast, and I’m looking forward to seeing how #LEGIONByLenovo will grow in the gaming and esports scene. Thank you very much to Garena Philippines and Lenovo Philippines for giving me a chance to be a part of their event! Happy Chinese new year everyone! More power to Philippine gaming and esports!










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